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Barney's Pizza

Established in 1996, Barney's Pizza and Fried Chicken is the first ever halal food restaurant
in the Lower Mainland. After more than a
decade, we continue to serve you the
best halal pizza in town.

Try our other specialties like fried chicken with
low fat, burgers and wings and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the delicious food in our
family oriented atmosphere or order from the comfort of your home.

We deliver from hot oven to your door step. All our products are 100% halal and we are proud to be certified by BC Muslim Association.

Mohammad Arshid
Owner - Barney's Pizza & Chicken - Surrey

Barneys Party Special


Do you want pizza that you can make in your own oven,
but just don't have the time
to actully make it??

Well now you can just pick upa fresh
"Barney's Pizza" pizza and bake it at home!!

With one easy paymnet of $8.99 you get a
medium pizza in what ever variety you want.

Med Pizza $8.99 + No Tax

Barney's Pizza
Barney's Pizza
2 Medium PIZZA
Any Kind
$21.99+ GST

10 PCS Chicken
Fries + Salad
$19.99 + GST

Any Kind
$35.99+ GST

Barney's Pizza
Barney's Pizza Surrey
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